Thursday, April 30, 2020

You Can Never Have Enough Compost

     Hi everyone! We are just about to enter our frost-free growing season here in zone 6b which means I need every bit of compost that I have. No dig has been the best way I have found to garden so far but compost and is always the limiting factor. Last year we had just enough for one long row and the difference it made in that row was impressive. This year we have at least twice as much compost but it's still not enough. The plan is to put down three inches of compost as far as we can and plant seeds into just those places. All other sections of the garden will get heavy cardboard mulch that should give us areas to garden later in late summer to early fall.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Happy (Late) Earth Day!

     Nature has been busy here on our little slice of heaven even if I haven't. I'm out of the foot cast but now I'm having to wear a protective boot so work has been slow going for me. Our lonely apple tree is in full bloom and some turkeys made an uncommon appearance at our place. In the garden our pea trails have already provided valuable data. The Little Marvel peas are doing great while the Green Arrow variety are having difficulty germinating. Even the Alaska peas that were planted later than the Green Arrow are germinating better. While harvesting some spinach planted last year, we found a huge spinach plant that caught our attention.
     Even though Corvid-19 seems to be overshadowing everything right now, we need to remember what Earth Day is all about. Everything going on means nothing if we don't have a world to live on. This is our one and only home and we need to give this planet the care and respect it deserves. I hope we learn some valuable lessons from this epidemic about how to better care for not only each other but for the environment as well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Working Outdoors

The work getting done outside has greatly slowed due to me having an injury. A bone broke in my foot more than month ago and I've been in a cast ever since. However, this will change soon because the cast is going to be removed in two days. After I get used to walking in a protective boot, I should be able to start going outside farther than my back porch. Thanks to my wonderful wife for planting the vegetable section of our garden.
I'll give you an update on the vegetable garden. The barley and peas love this cool weather and are coming along very well. The radishes and kale seem to be doing just fine also. The spinach is less noticeable but it's definitely germinating as well. We also put out corn salad which is very hard to spot without searching for it. I hope to mow the little field below our house and get plenty of barley and orchard grass seed sown.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Making Magic Happen

Happy April to everyone! We've been keeping ourselves busy at home while corona virus is continuing to spread in the United States. We have filled the vegetable garden with some of our favorite plants and are looking forward to offering far more seeds after harvest. In other news, Pernie is doing great. Here's a picture of her enjoying some orchard grass grown right here at home.